20-28th April , 2019 This week includes 2 public holidays (only take 3 days off work!)


Christadelphian young people aged 16ys old, on or before the start of the Conference.


Cost: $750 (this includes the $50 nonrefundable deposit

We’re so excited that you’re thinking of coming to BYC 2019! What better way to spend a week than to be with 300 other young people, all studying the life of John the Baptist…whilst being in the idyllic setting of  South East Queensland!
At a time when social trends stand in total opposition to God’s teachings and self-promotion is the norm – we need to stop and look at what motivates our own actions.
John the Baptist dedicated his life to preparing the way for the coming Messiah. Without performing a single miracle, he compelled the people to recognise their own failures and look to Christ for salvation. His message was so powerful that people willingly left their comfortable, daily routines to venture into the wilderness to hear him - we can do the same!
We can’t wait to share the power of John’s example and his message with you all. We know it will be life changing. So make sure your name is on the ‘Who’s Coming’ list and be there as together we enter into the spirit of thinking

More of Christ and Less of ourselves!